June 25, 2017LinkedHub Team

How to Integrate HubSpot and LinkedIn

You’ll never have to tediously copy and paste LinkedIn conversations or profile info into your HubSpot CRM again.

An easy way to connect LinkedIn with HubSpot CRM has finally arrived! It’s a chrome extension called LinkedHub and here’s how it works:

Visit any LinkedIn profile and click the “Sync” or "Properties" button. Properties will open up a side panel that allows you to customize the contact and company. Click Sync at the bottom of the side panel and LinkedHub will automatically save all this information to HubSpot.

LinkedIn HubSpot Integration linkedhub interface - capture comprehensive information from LinkedIn with a single click

Once a contact is synced all past and future LinkedIn conversations with this contact are logged into HubSpot CRM.

Log LinkedIn messages into HubSpot Automatically move conversations from LinkedIn to HubSpot CRM - no more copy/pasting!

Try this out for yourself by visiting LinkedHub.io.