Move the handle left up and right down to browse plans.

Lifetime contact limit
Monthly cost
  • 10$0/mo
  • 100$15/mo
  • 1,000$30/mo
  • 10,000$45/mo
  • $99/mo


  • What is the lifetime limit?

    A lifetime limit does not reset. Compare this to a monthly limit which resets every month.

  • What is the difference between plans?

    All features are included in every plan. The only difference between plans is the lifetime contact limit.

  • How do I cancel?

    Login > go to the ‘Plans & billing’ page > click the blue pause button. This stops all future billing.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept credit cards and bitcoin. We offer a substantial discount for those who pay with bitcoin. Please contact support to make a bitcoin payment.

  • How do I update the information on my invoices?

    Login > go to the ‘Plans & billing’ page > scroll down to the ‘Transaction history’ section > click the ‘Invoice details’ button.

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