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Login & Account

HubSpot Integration failed

  1. 1Double check your API key is correct. Perhaps someone on your team generated a new API key which invalidates the old one. Use the new key.
  2. 2Check if HubSpot is down. Upon login do you see this: Image. HubSpot status page.
  3. 3Contact support
Sync & Properties

Sync and properties button not displaying

  1. 1Refresh the page
  2. 2Close out all tabs, now open up just one tab and retry
  3. 3Update Chrome browser to the latest version
  4. 4Uninstall and reinstall the LinkedHub extension
  5. 5Contact support
Sync & Properties

Sync and/or properties do nothing upon click

  1. 1Refresh the page
  2. 2Move buttons to different location and retry
  3. 3Turn off all other extensions and retry. Other extensions can cause a conflict or overlap/cover the LinkedHub buttons.
  4. 4Contact support
Sync & Properties

HubSpot error. You have reached your daily limit.

  1. 1This error displays if you reached your HubSpot API limit. You will need to upgrade your HubSpot API limit or wait for it to reset.
  2. 2More info about API limit here: HubSpot API doc
  3. 3Contact support
Sync & Properties

Clicked sync but no update button

  1. 1Check if the contact is locked and/or out-of-network. Such contacts cannot be synced.
  2. 2Check if the issue persists for all contacts.
  3. 3Contact support

Messages are not logging automatically

  1. 1Go to the LinkedIn profile who's messages are not logging and ensure they are synced. Click the 'View in HubSpot' button to make sure you are viewing the correct contact in HubSpot.
  2. 2Wait 60 minutes then check if messages are logged. If using sales navigator log out and back into navigator then check if messages are logged.
  3. 3Did you archive the messages within LinkedIn? Contact support and share this answer.

Couldn't delete team members | unknown error

  1. 1Close all tabs
  2. 2Open only one tab for the team page and retry.
  3. 3Contact support

Unknown error when trying to add team member

  1. 1Notate the total number of team members, contact support and share this info.
Plans & Billing

Credit card rejected

  1. 1Contact support