HubSpot's Secret Sales Tool

HubSpot's Secret Sales Tool

What if you knew the secret to performing outbound sales in a personalized, cost effective, and measurable way?

Allow me to explain...

Hubspot is the biggest name in inbound marketing. In fact, they are the very people who coined the term inbound marketing. What is less known is they are also a brilliant outbound sales tool.

Hubspot offers a free CRM with several optional add-ons. The most powerful add-on is calledSequence (not free, but very affordable). Sequence allows you to orchestrate an outbound sales and marketing campaign free of limitations!

Want to weave LinkedIn messages between your emails? Sequence can do it. Want to run a sales campaign that actively adapts to your prospect’s behavior? Sequence can do it. Want hyper-personalized messaging? Sequence can do it.

The key to making these functions possible is Sequence’s ability to connect human performed tasks with programmatically completed tasks. You may notice other pieces of software serve the same purpose such as,, and However, none of these come close to the ease of use, affordability, or functionality provided by Hubspot.

So enamored with this feature I decided to build a tool that further enhances HubSpot sequences, linkedhub. With linkedhub sequences can programmatically complete LinkedIn tasks like sending a LinkedIn message.

I am looking for early users! If your interested drop me a line or learn more by visiting: