4 Reasons LinkedIn Connections Are a Great Option for Lead Generation

4 Reasons LinkedIn Connections Are a Great Option for Lead Generation

Generating leads for a B2B business, particularly those in technology, has never been so easy!

LinkedIn has made it possible for anyone with a bit of social media savvy to connect with members of their target audience and nurture them into leads. Here are four reasons LinkedIn connections are perfect for lead generation:

Your message is delivered 100% of the time

Unlike email, any message you send to a LinkedIn connection will be delivered to the correct recipient 100% of the time. Even better, the LinkedIn message system has trust implicitly built in (as long as you have a good profile) because the sender is known and can be viewed with one click.

Sales information at your fingertips

Once connected to the LinkedIn member, you can view his or her work history, interests, skills, and more. This type of information is exactly what you need to craft a thoughtful and personalized message. Additionally, email may be a person's preferred communication medium, and you can view his or her email address after connecting.

Nurture your audience into leads

If you have something interesting to say about your industry or a relevant insight that adds value for your target audience, then you have content. Sharing content is an ideal way to nurture your audience into leads. Posting content on LinkedIn pushes your content out to all your connections, which means the more connections you have, the more people being nurtured into leads.

Research power

The first step in lead generation is locating those who meet the minimum qualifications needed to be your customers. LinkedIn’s search function allows you to do just that, but limits the amount of people you can view based on how many connections you have. So, grow your connections and you will grow the amount of people you can view in your search.